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Natural Insect pest control workshop

Instructed By: 

 John Robertson

Stacey Hickman

Natural Insect Pest Control Workshop

This workshop will provide an overview and understanding on how beneficials insects & nematodes work. When and where best to apply them to get optimal results. Participants will learn about trap & lure systems particularly how pheromones work as a mating disruption tool, and large-scale mosquito larvae controls. 

The positive effects of introducing natural endemic predators, who can become established in the environment and offer on going pest prevention. The benefits of companion planting, bird houses, creating buffer zones & bee-friendly by ways within your city. How to keep the bad guys out of and the good guys in your community garden spaceThis workshop is ideal for those who are ready to take a new look at pest control, we will teach you how to use nature to combat nature.

This workshop will cover three modules:

1. Outdoor spaces: public parks, nurseries, cemeteries, arboretum

2. Community gardens: solitary pollinators, managing garden pests naturally finding the balance 

3. Indoor spaces:  green houses, tropical gardens

Common tree pests that we will be discussing include:

 Aphids / Spider mites / Leaf hoppers

Common Pests of Public Gardens/Cemeteries

Aphids / Spider Mites / Thrips/ Japanese Beetles / Boxwood tree moth

Common Pest of Community Gardens

Aphids / Caterpillars / Japanese Beetles

New Invasive Insects to Watch out for: 

Spotted lanternfly / Spotted wing drosophila

Note: This course is provided in a half-day online workshop. 

    This course is worth 0.5 credit towards your Parks Practitioner Designation.

    About Stacey:

    As NIC’s head Entomologist, Stacey has been instrumental in designing personalized IPM programs for a variety of greenhouse crops throughout the Niagara region. Stacey liaisons directly with indoor and outdoor growers on a regular basis, to keep abreast of what is going on with their crops and in the industry. When Stacey is not looking at, or working with insects she can happily be found with a book in her hands for a n introductory course on beneficial insects.

    About John:

    After 20 years living on the west coast of Canada where John was a trained paramedic and a volunteer fire-fighter in Vancouver and Whistler BC respectively. He returned to the Niagara region to join his sister Susan in taking over the family business, Natural Insect Control.

    For the past three years John has been actively involved in trying to introduce solitary bees (Mason and Leafcutter Bees) as an alternative pollination provider for both commercial and home use. As well as trying to find natural solutions towards invasive pests. John enjoys nothing more than sharing his love of nature and how it all fits together.

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