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COMmunity gardens WorkShop

Instructed By: 

 Jane Hayes

               Rav Singh

New! Community Gardens Workshop

Community Gardens: Cultivating Food and Community

Community gardens operations and community services: are they for

   your municipality?

Workshop overview

Have you ever wondered what it would take to start a community garden in your municipality?

Or perhaps you’ve started researching or developing the idea, and are needing more

information around logistics, operations, costs, or community engagement concerns.

Join Jane Hayes and Rav Singh for an introduction session on community gardens and explore:

● Types of community gardens, and community garden programs, and their benefits

● Garden site selection and criteria

● Policy considerations

● Garden programming (supports, funding, resources, target audiences, etc.)

This workshop is ideal for those who are ready to take initiative in establishing or revitalizing a community garden program in their municipality. We strongly recommend that at least two

people per municipality attend if possible.


Jane is a permaculture designer, community developer, consultant and grower. She brings 28 years of healthy food program and design experience with municipalities, non-profits and businesses across Ontario and North America. As a principal of Hoffmann Hayes, Jane offers design consultation for urban agriculture, gardens, and healthy food & community development programs to the businesses, agencies, and people who are planning, building, and developing urban communities. Jane has contributed to projects that include master planned communities, urban food hubs, commercial foodscapes, a Community Housing rooftop farm, edible campus master plans, and over 30 building gardens. Years ago Jane helped establish the City of Toronto’s Community Garden programCity of Toronto Children’s Garden Program, and High Park Children’s Garden, and more recently the Urban Agriculture Strategy for the City of Mississauga and the City of Charlottetown’s revitalized community garden program. Jane is a graduate of U of T and received a Masters of Environmental Studies from York U. She’s been certified in Permaculture Design and as a Permaculture Teacher. She also runs Garden Jane.

Rav is a farmer and operates Shade of Miti, an organic farm that specializes in South Asian vegetables. Off the field, Rav is an active educator and farm-researcher in the farming community, working with organizations such as the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. She founded Raised Roots Consulting to provide urban agriculture, sustainable supply chain, green infrastructure and educational services. A few projects Rav has worked on in recent years include community garden programming with the City of Mississauga and Eco source, revitalization of a rooftop garden with Green Thumbs Growing Kids and sustainable procurement strategies for Ontario grown barley with Avling. Rav currently sits on the National Farmers Union - Ontario board. 

To learn more visit Rav and Jane's Website below:

Please note that this will be a one day online 6.5 hour webinar workshop.

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