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Sports turf maintenance webinar series

Instructed By: 

 Ken Pavely

Sports Turf Maintenance Webinar Series

The task of growing and maintaining high quality turf on sports fields is difficult (lack of tools, knowledge, budget, pesticide, overuse or misuse, etc.), especially given new restrictions, growing populations and changing weather patterns. This program has been thoughtfully designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and maintain high-quality turf, as you head into 2021. Ken Pavely, a four decade veteran in the industry, provides current and timely information, principles and best practices, to assist staff in their responsibility to maintain outdoor sports facilities in an efficient and effective manner. This course will challenge participants engagement through situation, problem solving, and case study situations.

This course will cover:

  • Challenges, Issues & Trends

  • Benefits of Grass & Sports Turf

  • Soil Types, Functions & Drainage

  • Characteristics & Selection of Grasses

  • Fertilizers & Nutrient Management

  • Cultural & Maintenance Best Practices

  • Plant Health Care & Integrated Pest Management

  • Irrigation & Water Management

  • Overview of Common Sports Facilities

  • Weather & Outdoor Sports

  • Risk Management

  • Equipment Maintenance

Note: This course is provided in two half-day online seminars. 

    This course is worth 1 credit towards your Parks Practitioner Designation.

    Here's what people say about this course: 

    • "Great course. Loved the online option."
    • "The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided valuable information regarding sports turf maintenance. I really enjoyed the information and how he presented it."
    • "Great course, Ken was an excellent presenter and open to communication."

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