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Instructed By

Guinevere Kern

About the Instructor:

Guinevere Kern is a Horticulture and Landscape Educator with Landscape Ontario, speaker and workshop facilitator, and a Registered Horticultural Therapist. She has utilized biophilic principles to inform her design, installation, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor spaces with a specialization in clinical healthcare settings.

Her transdisciplinary approach emphasizes the technical aspects of horticulture while incorporating its therapeutic benefits. Guinevere’s horticulture experiences includes research in native wildflower plant breeding and ornamental plants at the University of Guelph, along with significant roles in nursery, landscape, and greenhouse operations in Canada, and organic agriculture in the United States.

Guinevere is a passionate spokesperson for the important value that the art and science of horticulture contribute to the built environment, and advocates for integration of biophilic design to promote health, productivity, and environmental connectivity.


Ontario Parks Association is excited to announce that we have collaborated with Guinevere Kern to deliver a half-day webinar called Indoor Plant Maintenance.

This presentation has been developed as an extensive guide to providing professional care to indoor plants in offices.

Over the past few decades, we have gained greater insight into the detriments of a sterile indoor environment. Indoor plants help bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor environments, making inside spaces healthier places to be. Plants help to create warm and inviting atmospheres, reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, increase productivity, and even improve air quality. In today's world, biophilic design is of increasing importance to consider in the built environment. Indoor plants are a wonderful addition to any space, but can be difficult to properly maintain over time. It can be useful for organizations to designate indoor horticulturists to perform this work, which is why we are offering this training.

This course will cover:

● The office environment and the benefits of biophilic design

● Project planning: how to create an inclusive, practical and professional space

● Plant, container, and soil selection

● Installation

● Plant maintenance and full service plan

● Plant nutrition

● Plant disease and pest management

● Pruning

There will be a 30 minute quiz at the end of this course. Within 2 weeks of completing this course you will receive a letter from Ontario Parks Association acknowledging your participation in the course, advanced knowledge of indoor horticulture and efforts towards helping us achieve our mandate of Protecting Tomorrow Today®.

This course will count as 1 credit towards your Parks Practitioner Designation. 

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