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Chainsaw Safety Awareness Training (One Day)

Course Instructor:

Bob Smith

Jennifer Carroll

Thank you to our chainsaw sponsor:


A chainsaw is a handy but powerful piece of equipment, which can be very dangerous when not used properly. This workshop will introduce you to chainsaw safety and maintenance.

This course will cover:

  • Safety regulations and PPE
  • Identification and inspection of all chainsaw safety components
  • Manufacturer's recommended inspection and adjustment of a chainsaw
  • Starting and stopping techniques
  • Safe handling of a chainsaw
  • Woodlot assessment and hazards
  • Bucking and limbing
  • Technical cutting & small tree felling (under 5" DBH)

If you or your staff are dealing with trees that are smaller than 5" DBH and limbs on the ground this one-day training is designed for you. 

This course will consist of 1/2 a day of theory site specific and 1/2 a day of practical also site specific. 

This course is worth .5 credit towards your Parks Practitioner Designation.

Please note the following PPE is required to attend this course: 

  • CSA Approved Type 1 or Type 2 Class C or E helmet (less than 5 years old)
  • Hearing protection (exceeds 85 decimals)
  • Gloves (comfortable fitting leather or composite)
  • Eye protection
  • Safety boots (Green Patch Safety approved with ankle protection - minimum height of 7 eyelets - safety shoes or Blundstones are not acceptable)
  • Full leg chaps or chainsaw pants with UL label that is visible (3000 feet per minute (FPM) or greater)

Masks will be required at this training to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Would you like to host this session? 
For this session we require an indoor classroom that can accommodate 10 people and has access to a projector and screen. We require an outdoor woodlot with trees and ask that 8-10 manageable logs which are 6-10 inches in diameter and 4-10 feet long be provided for the training to practice cutting techniques.

Here's what others say about this training: 

  • "I have taken 4 other Chainsaw courses (not OPA related) and not one of them went into this great of detail ~ I'm impressed!!"
  • "Very knowledgeable instructor, his experience was a great benefit"
  • "Would like to have another day to learn but there was a ton of knowledge taught in the 1 day session"
  • "Instructor was excellent, very hands on & interactive"
  • "Found the teachers knowledge, experience and teaching skills very understanding of the use of the chainsaw, safety maintenance and different ways to cut - a great teacher!"

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