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  • 02 Oct 2018
  • 31 Dec 2019


  • 3 years x $2,000/year
  • 3 years x $2,000/year
  • 3 years x $1,000/year
  • 3 years x $2,000/year

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Join the Ontario Parks Association Foundation (OPAF) in growing green professionals by sponsoring one of the Foundation's annual student awards.


Select the award you wish to sponsor and as an OPA Associate Member award sponsor, your business name will be identified with that award.  Due to the historical background of each award, the OPAF has a commitment to maintain the name of each scholarship and bursary so the sponsored awards would appear as follows: LEN STANLEY – KING OF KEW SCHOLARSHIP: This award has been sponsored by J. DOE TURF SUPPLIES for a 3 year period beginning in 2019. 

Sponsorship will also be recognized through other promotional methods such as on the OPAF website, in the Green Sward, and at annual events like the OPA Parks Education Forum and the OPAF's Dave Gower Memorial Golf Tournament.

The cost of sponsorship is the amount of the award times three years - i.e. if you sponsor the Dave Gower OPAF Bursary your commitment would be $2,000 x 3 years for a total commitment of $6,000.


The OPA Foundation currently offers four bursaries worth $2,000 each and three scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each, they are:

Dave Gower OPAF Bursary 

Dave was a great supporter of the OPA throughout his career in the municipal parks field. He was also a former president of the association and a great advocate for the OPAF. This award was named in his honour and will be given to an individual who the selection committee feels is the most deserving of this bursary.

Joyce Anderson Bursary 

This award was established through the generous donation made by Frank Anderson as a memorial to his loving wife Joyce. Frank was one of the founding members of the OPAF and served the OPA in many capacities throughout his distinguished career in municipal park services. The selection committee will award this bursary to a deserving student based on their academic performance and financial need.

Protecting Tomorrow Today® Bursary -  This award has been sponsored by EVERPLAY for a 3 year period beginning in 2019. 

This award will be presented to a student registered in the first year of their post-secondary program who has demonstrated exceptional involvement and commitment towards environmental protection and conservation. 

The Beulah & Harry Christian, Margaret & Ernie Seager Bursary

This award was donated by these two couples who were longtime friends and great supporters of the OPAF. Both Harry and Ernie are former presidents of the OPA, and were awarded lifetime memberships for their dedication and many years of service to the advancement of municipal and regional park systems in Ontario. Awarded to a qualified individual based on marks, but most importantly, need and effort.

Little Tikes Commercial Scholarship -  This award has been sponsored by LITTLE TIKES for a 3 year period beginning in 2019. 

This  scholarship was named for the above company after their generous donation of a play structure, which was auctioned off to Ontario Parks Departments. The winning bid provided sufficient funds to create this award. The selection committee will award this scholarship to a deserving individual that meets the application criteria.

City of Mississauga Scholarship -  This award has been sponsored by CITY OF MISSISSAUGA for a 3 year period beginning in 2019. 

The City of Mississauga made this award possible because of the outstanding fund raising efforts by their Community Services Department staff. As hosts for the annual OPAF Golf Tournament in 2003 they raised more money for OPAF than any other single event in the foundation history to date. This award will be presented to an individual that the selection committee feels is most deserving of this scholarship.

Len Stanley-King of Kew Scholarship

Len Stanley was one of the founding members of the OPAF and had a long and distinguished career in the City of Toronto parks system. He became known as the "King of Kew Gardens" by his fellow colleagues after becoming the superintendent of this Toronto park, and for his ongoing leadership capacity in the OPA. Awarded to a deserving student whose home address is in one of the municipalities that make up the new amalgamated City of Toronto and meets the following criteria:

  • Pursuing a career in parks design, development, maintenance or administration
  • Exemplifies the joy of life and concerns for one's fellow citizens
  • Has a positive social outlook
  • Possesses a genuine desire to preserve and protect the natural elements of their community
  • Is a successful first year student in a college or university institution in Canada or the United States.

As a sponsor, your company or business will help ensure that all seven awards will be available for presentation to eligible students on an annual basis. Sponsorship is renewable after the original 3 year commitment is completed. Implementation of the program is expected to commence in the spring of 2019.

Thank you for supporting the OPA Foundation as we continue to provide financial support to our future parks professionals. Together we are growing green professionals!

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