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Rigging Training

Instructed By:

Left to right: Ken Gillies and Bob Smith

This one day rigging course will cover the theory and practical knowledge that is essential for using safe rigging techniques. This course would be excellent for workers who are dealing with storm-damaged trees, having to dismantle trees, felling trees that are leaning the opposite way of the desired fell zone and removing wood or debris from ravines and other areas that cannot be accessed by machinery.

This course will cover:

  • PPE
  • Basic rigging calculation
  • Equipment limitations and benefits
  • Basic risk assessments
  • Rigging knots
  • Mechanical Advantage systems 5 to 1, 3 to 1, leverage 
  • Friction control device
  • Redirects
  • Various cutting techniques 
  • Balancing pieces of wood

Want to host this session? 
For this session we require a classroom that can accommodate 10 people and has a projector and screen available. The host facility needs to be within a short distance (preferably walking distance) to a well treed area (big mature trees are best, preferable hard woods) with logs and brush on the ground for the practical portion of the course.

Please email training@ontarioparksassociation.ca to find out available hosting dates.
Only those with a current OPA Chainsaw Safety Training card will be allowed to attend this course. 

Required Materials: 
  • PPE (Class A chainsaw pants, CSA approved work boots and safety glasses, hearing protection, leather palmed gloves and CSA approved or Type 2 Class E hard hat) 
  • Chainsaw 
  • 5/8 inch or bigger rigging blocks (not pulleys) 
  • ½ inch double braid rigging line 
  • 5/8 inch double braids rigging line 
  • Natural union rigging line such as a three strand 
  • Throw ball and line 
  • Port-A-Wrap or other friction control device 
  • 3 dead eye sling 
  • Fiddle block or kit to set up 5 to 1 
  • Eye & eye rigging for 5 to 1

Upcoming events

No events available

For more information, please send an email, referencing the course title, to training@ontarioparksassociation.ca
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