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OPA takes great pride in partnering with other organizations to continue to spread awareness and work toward Protecting Tomorrow Today®. This page lists some of the upcoming events or programs these partners are hosting.

October  22, 2020 - Greenway Trail Networks – Combining Nature, Culture and Recreation - Greenway Trail Networks have become increasingly popular across North America. This webinar will discuss how to overcome barriers that make it difficult to get community support for multi-use trail projects, including Greenway Trail Networks. The speakers will reflect on strategies that have worked and not worked, and how lessons learned can be shared and replicated across regions. This will provide insight into how leveraging the proven benefits of multi-use trail networks can contribute to successful political and community engagement processes for approval. Click here to learn more.

Click here for program details and to register for the February 2021 session. Spaces are limited so register soon!

---------------------------------------------------Canada's Year of the Garden 2022

 What is the Year of the Garden 2022?

  • national celebration of our Canadian garden culture
  • An umbrella marketing campaign to promote and amplify what and how members of the Garden Family contribute to the health and quality of life of Canadians and to the sustainability of our communities and Canada.
  • Grow a healthy and sustainable future during the Year of the Garden 2022 and establish a vital legacy for the following years.

Why 2022: Centennial anniversary of the Canadian Nurseries Landscape Association (CNLA) and also the centennial of the Canadian Horticultural Council.

For a more detailed presentation on the Year of the Garden 2022 project we are working on please visit the following link: https://gardenscanada.ca/year-of-the-garden/

CitiesAlive Virtual takes place from October 21-23,2020! CitiesAlive Virtual 2020 will be showcasing the best in green infrastructure design, research and policy all with the underlying focus of how we can build back better to prioritize health and resilience as we recover from COVID19.

CitiesAlive Virtual 2020 will feature both online expert presentations from some of the world’s leading designers and in-person green infrastructure tours in cities across North America.

For more information and to register, click the picture above, you will be redirected to the CitiesAlive website.

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