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Annual Awards


Student Award of Recognition

This award recognizes students who are in their graduating year of a program in parks, environmental studies, horticulture, or parks /open space related discipline. The OPA requests nominations from the Professor / Instructor / Co-ordinator of the Program for an individual who has exhibited a keen interest in “Protecting Tomorrow Today”. It should be noted that scholastic achievement is not necessarily of prime importance in the determination of the recipient of this award and that only one student will be selected per post-secondary institution. Nomination Form


OPA Annual Awards

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Award of Distinction

May be awarded to an individual or organization whose exceptional contributions have advanced the parks, grounds and open space industry in the province of Ontario.


Past Presidents' Award

May be awarded to an individual who, over many years, has made exceptional contributions to the Association. A subcommittee comprising of three Past Presidents will select a deserving candidate.

To be eligible individuals must have been a member of OPA for more than 10 years and contributed significantly to the good and welfare of the Association.


Award of Recognition

May be awarded to a candidate who has made significant contribution to the betterment of parks, the profession, or the environment.

Those eligible are any OPA member as categorized in the Membership Application Form, including individual, multiple individual “MIM” categories, Associate, etc.


Award of Appreciation

May be awarded to a candidate for a prominent contribution to OPA over a period of years.

Those eligible are any OPA member and/or the organization they represent and Associate members of the OPA.


Award of Merit

Shall be given for a continuing contribution to OPA over a period of years.

Those eligible are anyone who has held Office of Director of a Committee; Officers of the Executive; or any member who has made a contribution of such magnitude as to warrant a change to the preceding criteria.


Life Membership Award

This citation is the highest honour presented by OPA and shall not be presented unless it is a unanimous decision of the Awards Committee and the Executive Committee.

The criteria for the award must include the criteria of the preceding three (3) awards, and in addition, the nominee must have contributed over and above the normal activities of OPA. This contribution shall have enhanced the public image, or further developed the body of knowledge in Parks to the benefit of the citizens of Ontario.

Those eligible are any individual who has been a member of OPA for at least ten (10) years. The candidate need not have been a previous award recipient.


Associate Member Award of Recognition

May be awarded to an Associate Member company of OPA in recognition of their dedication and ongoing involvement with OPA.

Those eligible are any Associate member company of OPA. This award serves as evidence of OPA’s appreciation for the company’s contributions as an Associate Member to the parks and open space field.


Elsa Bethal-Haydon Award

This award recognizes the contribution of volunteers and non-professionals, to meeting the objectives of the Association and further recognizes the increasing contribution to the profession made by committed members of the community. Nominations are to be solicited from OPA members.

Those eligible are any member or non-member of OPA.


“Protecting Tomorrow Today” Award

This award recognizes a group or community and their contribution towards “Protecting Tomorrow Today”.

Those eligible are any group or community.


The Ontario Parks Association Foundation Honour Roll

May be awarded to an individual, organization or corporate entity who has made an exemplary contribution to The Ontario Parks Association Foundation and its objectives.

Those eligible are any individual, organization or corporate entity meeting the award criteria. Nominations may be made to the Ontario Parks Association Awards Chair in writing by any member of the Foundation* and must be seconded by an additional member. Selection of those to be included in the Honour Roll shall be determined by a majority vote of the Foundation Board. Awarding of Honour Roll status will be made annually at the Ontario Parks Association Awards Banquet. Additions to the Honour Roll need not be made in any given year.


Annual Awards Nomination Form

*All current OPA members are automatically members of the Foundation (OPAF By-Law 2003-1).

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